It’s not goodbye…

Fun fact: A quck google search will show that 1.6 million blog entries are titled “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.” I can guarantee that none of those partings will pull at… Continue reading

The Airport Railroad

Whether a once in a lifetime adventure, or a cyclical changing of the seasons, many people have a very distinct moment of realization. At this time, the old stands behind them as they… Continue reading

Tech-heavy Packing

As a kid, a walkman with a hefty supply of tapes and AA batteries was an essential part of any holiday trip to my grandparents’. I usually accompanied this with a book light… Continue reading

Prepping for Italy

So clearly that fundraiser never happened. Perhaps we followed the U.S. Congress’s method of having so many people involved that nothing gets done. Perhaps we arrived at May having bought our plane tickets and… Continue reading

My summer might look a little different…

After my knee was finally back in shape last September, I started playing ultimate frisbee again. I played in a city league and also joined a team that needed a couple more players… Continue reading

Intro to Korean food

At our dinner table growing up, my family used to all go around and say something that we did that was interesting. The long windedness of many of my siblings eventually led us… Continue reading

Pictures and Pictures

Pictures from Singapore, Koh Chang, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.                        

Trending in 2014…

Part of the reason I never adopt any new year’s resolutions is that January 1st just doesn’t mean that much to me. It may be a new calendar year, but we’re still in… Continue reading

Why Travel?

I got home yesterday morning after an overnight flight from Chiang Mai. This vacation took fourteen days, covered four cities, and involved the purchase of seven airline tickets. “Involve” isn’t the perfect word… Continue reading

My new digs

At the end of August I finished my contract at SLP and started at a new school in Hapjeong (a district across Seoul from Dongdaemun). After a year of being reserved about my… Continue reading