One month from today, Incheon International Airport

First, an introduction. Though I expect I will know 87.5% of the eight people that bother to read this, I better be safe. My name is Sean, I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Music Education. I’ve spent the past year finishing up my student teaching, substitute teaching, and getting ready to go to Korea to teach English.

Finally, after a couple years of being mentally committed to going, different tangible feats have been accomplished. Background checks, school contracts, visas, plane tickets are all taken care of. It is now very official that I am going to be teaching at the Dongdaemun Sogang Language Program (SLP) in Seoul, South Korea. My school is setting me up with an apartment which I assume will be nearby in Dongdaemun. I fly out of here the morning of August 22nd, and am excited to spend 14 hours in a plane from Chicago to Seoul (that was sarcasm, you’ll get used to it).

I would like to update this blog regularly on either a weekly or semi-weekly basis. This will hopefully make it easier for all eight of you to keep updated with my life if you so desire. I also have read many travel blogs and email updates from friends excursions that I know I do not want to make you eight wade through extended paragraphs reflecting my ramblings and detailed recounts. Consequently, I’ve developed my “bloggers philosophy”:

First, I would like to keep you informed on the general themes of what is happening in my life. Second, though this is not a definitive travel blog, I want this to be informative about different aspects of Korea. Hopefully one might have some insight into the culture, food, nightlife, swing dancing scene, and the general perspective of an expat in Korea.

To combine those two, this blog will essentially be “Korea: As it relates to me.” More importantly, I want to make this something you enjoy reading. I’d love to get your input in what you like and don’t like (more pictures? less? more detail?), or something you would like me to cover. Maybe you have blogs you read and admire; I’d love to read them!

Since I am not in Korea yet, do not expect updates until right before I leave, but I look forward to keeping in touch with you all!