House-warming Party

I apologize for not posting last week. I’m sure you both missed the Monday update.

About a week and a half ago I moved into my apartment. After eight days in the motel (which is a topic in itself), I got set up in my nice little efficiency. I received somewhat the short end of the stick: my other new co-workers replaced outgoing teachers, so their apartments were pretty well furnished in regards to furniture, cooking utensils, etc. The teacher I am replacing did not live in this apartment complex, so I got a “new” apartment that was very basically furnished. Fortunately SLP was gracious to stick to their contract and provided me some brand new dishes, and after buying my own towels, food, and other “necessities”, I’m quite at home. With that, I think it’s only fair to invite you to my house-warming party and give you my grand tour.

Welcome! Please take your shoes off and enjoy the hardwood flooring! …it’s not real wood.

The other side of my estate. If you can see that far, the bathroom is to the left of the entry way.

The bathroom. Canadian towel is a gift from my wonderful neighbor/co-worker. She’s not Canadian either.

Rather than the lack of a real western shower, I like to think of my shower being so big it can fit a sink and a toilet. Winner.

The building is a short fifteen minute walk from SLP. That’s about three and a half songs, or one episode of BBC’s “A History of the World in 100 Objects” podcast. Quite convenient. All of us foreign teachers live in the same building. In fact, two of them are on my floor, one of those being my next-door neighbor. This makes it really easy to hang out together. The roof top is a prime location for some evening chill time. It’s probably the only secluded place in the area, and it comes complete with plastic chairs and a table! Tomorrow night is also the first SLP dinner, which will hopefully become a regular event.

Needless to say, I’m pretty happy to have a home of my own. Now if I could just find some art for these bare white walls…