Seoul Lantern Festival 2012

In a country with as rich a history as Korea’s, one may expect all the festivals to be immersed in culture and tradition dating back hundreds of years. So if I’m honest, I think I may have been let down to find out that the Seoul Lantern Festival’s rich history went back all three years to 2009. Never the less, I was not disappointed by the display itself when I visited it this weekend. What I observed lining the Cheonggyegcheon (my favorite Korean word) was easily the coolest display of lantern-making I’d ever seen. The lanterns artfully depicted the history of Korea during the Joseon dynasty, and also included some more popular references. I’m assuming Pororo, Poli the Robo Car, and the super heroes were to appeal to the younger audience.

I’m sure descriptions of the festival would bore everyone, including myself. I’ll leave the rest to pictures. Enjoy!

The gate at the head of the Cheonggyecheon. The guards are about 7ft tall.

Neat, huh? It gets better.

I quickly learned that I’m not that great at taking pictures of lanterns.

Even without lanterns, it’s quite the walk!

Impressive. It’s even better from the other side. (Keep scrolling!)


The biggest pineapple I’ve ever seen.

Biggest pineapple pt. 2.

Lanterns for sale.

They also had paper lanterns which you could sail down a short portion of the Cheonggyecheon

The lantern up close. Hanguk just looks cooler the Roman alphabet.

Such a relaxing sight.

It was much easier to see detail when the lights turned off for the night.

Half the ensemble.

I stopped by when I was in the area the next afternoon. I wish I could have had a picture of this side when the lights were on.