Well it’s been a few days…

Livin' on a Prayer? Summer of '69? Gangnam Style?

Livin’ on a Prayer? Summer of ’69? Gangnam Style?

I know I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog, but if we’re being honest with each other (and I know we are), I’m not distraught over it. I’ve developed a bit of a routine myself, which means two things: First, I don’t participate in an excess of new activities that I haven’t already mentioned in some depth on this blog. Second, I have had a million things to distract me from writing a blog on a Monday evening. However, after all this time, I’ve missed you, you’ve missed me, and we’ve missed each other. I’ll try to fill you in on some of the highlights and departures from the typical schedule.

In December I hinted at one of the more notable events in my life which was about to take place. After doing some research and consultations over Christmas break, I decided to get these ol’ teeth straightened out and The Gap closed. I settled on Tufts Dental, an English speaking, USA-licensed orthodontist in Yongsan. Financially they were the best option, and were also very friendly, reputable, and helpful. So far I have no complaints, and I’d recommend them to anyone. Invisalign was not an option, so I opted for the clear, ceramic braces. Aside from a metal wire, and clear rubber bands that unfortunately dye yellow about a week or two before they get changed each month, they’re not very noticeable. My teeth are slowly moving, with an emphasis on the “slowly” part, as Dr. Sohn has reminded me at both my check-ups since they were applied. I’m hoping that these teeth get their butt in gear, because a 23-year old can only afford to look like a 14-year old for so long. Fortunately, orthodontics aren’t very rare here. I’d actually expect them to be more popular, with the prevalence of plastic surgery, but it’s still not uncommon to see people in their early to late 20s with braces. At least we have solidarity as we excuse ourselves to the bathroom to pick food out of our teeth!

I tried earnestly to balance the age-sapping effects of braces with a mature, tailored, gray suit. I fulfilled my plans of finding a place to get a suit over Christmas break, and after two measurings I look pretty dapper in my 3-piece, double-vented, light gray suit. I haven’t taken any great pictures of it yet, so you’ll have to do without. I also feel odd talking cost specifics, or posting pictures of my teeth to the blog, so if you want those you’ll need to ask my personally.

2013-04-22.2March not only welcomed somewhat warmer weather, but also one of my favorite people in the whole world. Logan flew in on the 1st and stayed with me for two weeks. You can tell we’re close, because it takes a special kind of relationship to live in an apartment as small as mine for two weeks. It was really nice to have a taste of home with me for a while. I enjoyed showing him around, and I definitely felt pretty cool finally being the person that knew the area, culture, and language better. Since Logan’s been here before, and many of our must-see locations became have-seen locations, we were able to relax quite a bit. We spent a couple days in Daejeon, sang at a noraebang, had our first jjimjilbang experience in Korea, and our fair share of Korean barbeque. However, the highlight of the trip was definitely an afternoon hike up Bukhansan. This was done in traditional Korean manner, with kimbap and mackgeolli at the top, and pahjeong and more makgeolli at the bottom. We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather, and that hike is definitely the start of a wonderful season of outdoor activities.

Bukhansan Picnic

Bukhansan Picnic

Other than that, life has been pretty routine. I’m gearing up for these warm months and being thankful that I’m not enduring Minnesota’s snowy temper-tantrum in mid-April. Hopefully these next few months will be filled with a lot of outdoor running, hiking, ultimate frisbee, and lazy rooftop evenings!