My summer might look a little different…

Hopefully a common scene for this summer. Photo by Noah Markus.

Hopefully a common scene for this summer. Photo by Noah Markus.

After my knee was finally back in shape last September, I started playing ultimate frisbee again. I played in a city league and also joined a team that needed a couple more players to fill their roster for the Korean national championship tournament. We went undefeated and took the title! Of course, only 8 teams attended, and I may have been the worst person on my team, but it still counts… right? I’ll leave those details out when I wear my homemade “National Champion 2013” t-shirt (it doesn’t actually exist).

The fun didn’t stop there. This January we learned that our victory meant we have the spot for the World Ultimate Club Championships 2014. I’ll be playing ultimate for a week in sunny Lecco, Italy! In addition, when I’m not playing, I get to watch some of the top ultimate in the world! What a sweet opportunity!

I figure if I’m going to play in the biggest (and most expensive) tournament of my life, I suppose I should do my best to make it worthwhile, and train my butt off (literally) for this tournament. In fact, this affects most of my former plans for this year. This means running distance has now turned into sprint workouts and strength training, weekend dance festivals into team practices, and Korean studying now includes a little bit of German refreshing on the side (did I mention I’m spending 5 days in Switzerland before Italy happens?) I can’t keep up my ambitions with both dancing and frisbee. So my money, and my weekends, are being diverted from festivals like Legends of Swing in Korea, Blues and Balboa Festival, and Korea Balboa Festival, to traveling down to Busan or Daejeon for team practices and tournaments.

As I mentioned, this trip is pretty expensive. All my money is going towards me playing at Worlds, and I’m still falling short. Between airfare, team fees, player fees, accommodations, and food, the price adds up. We’re looking into sponsorships, and also trying to fundraise in a variety of different ways. One of those ways is an Indiegogo fundraiser, in which you yourself can contribute, and get reimbursed with some pretty sweet gifts. I’d love to have all of you involved, so stay tuned for our fundraiser launch in a couple weeks!