Prepping for Italy

So clearly that fundraiser never happened. Perhaps we followed the U.S. Congress’s method of having so many people involved that nothing gets done. Perhaps we arrived at May having bought our plane tickets and sent in our player fees, and we realized that the cost to got to Worlds is not as insurmountable as previously thought. Perhaps, and most likely, it was a combination of the two which led to a decision that a retroactive fundraiser isn’t very classy. Without the fundraiser, I’ve still managed to make all the necessary purchases, and haven’t even defaulted on my loans. I’ll call this mission accomplished.

Of course, the mission isn’t completely accomplished, and much of the time I would have spent on the fundraiser was just relegated to my continuing efforts to not be the slowest one on my team. I’ve been doing track workouts with a teammate twice a week, drills and scrimmaging once a week, and usually some resistance training thrown in once or twice during the week. To top it off, I’ve spent the last three full weekends practicing with my team. I can only think of a couple weeks in the past couple months that haven’t involved ultimate. Without realizing it, my life has been taken over by ultimate more than it ever was at home. I’m actually not sure if I currently have friends outside of the frisbee scene.

On the playground where I spend most of my days.

On the playground where I spend most of my days.

I dread each individual track workout. I think 800 is one of the worst numbers in the world, and “double suicides” are far too aptly named. However, training like an athlete is something I never did in high school and college, and it’s encouraging to see improvements. I’d almost call it fun. My teammates are also working out, so I still may not be faster than any of them, but I’m faster than 2013 Sean. That’s what counts. It’s only unfortunate that it took me so many years of playing ultimate to finally start training seriously for it.

Not surprisingly, all this preparation for time on the field has also distracted me from preparing for the rest of the trip. I have a day in Milan, and 4-5 days in Switzerland to figure out. I’ll hopefully find some ultimate and some dancing. Ideally I’ll fit a 2-3 hiking trip in as well. Any suggestions where to go or what to see?