No. 2 on the Billboards, but number one in our hearts.

Last Thursday Psy gave a free outdoor concert in Seoul to celebrate the release of the Billboard rankings. If you haven’t heard of Psy, I don’t know where you’ve been. Though a 12-year… Continue reading

Happy Chuseok!

Happy Chuseok! Technically starting yesterday, Chuseok (also known as Hangawi) is a three-day Holiday celebrating the harvest. Traditionally Koreans celebrate by spending time with family, visiting ancestral hometowns, and eating traditional foods like songpyeon (a crescent shaped… Continue reading


Another dance blog. I apologize to those uninterested in my dancing adventures. If you are interested, this is much more detailed. I hope you enjoy it. I also updated the last entry with… Continue reading

Korea Open Swing Dance Championships

Most of you already know of my love for swing dancing. A hobby that started when I was an awkward teenager crashing the local colleges’ swing clubs slowly developed into passion of an… Continue reading

House-warming Party

I apologize for not posting last week. I’m sure you both missed the Monday update. About a week and a half ago I moved into my apartment. After eight days in the motel… Continue reading

Please wait while your teacher adjusts….

I’ve arrived. I’m safe and sound in Seoul. In fact, I’m already a four-day veteran of this wonderful country. Unfortunately, I have a sinking suspicion that it takes more than four days to… Continue reading

And then there were two

I’m two days from departure. My time in Minnesota is in its final throes, and I’ll admit, I have very little of interest to discuss. Trust me, a week from now I’ll be… Continue reading

Great Expectations

On a flight to Portland this spring , I sat next to a seasoned traveler and listened to stories from his recent trip to Patagonia. Interspersed through stories from Patagonia and a couple… Continue reading

How did I get here?

Upon hearing of my plans for this coming year, I get asked a lot of the standard questions: What made you choose Korea? How did you set that up? What program are you going… Continue reading

One month from today, Incheon International Airport

First, an introduction. Though I expect I will know 87.5% of the eight people that bother to read this, I better be safe. My name is Sean, I graduated in 2011 with a… Continue reading